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We are excited to reveal our 18th stunning color "River Rock" from the Stone-Flecks Ultra Collection. Find the new color here: Stone-Flecks Ultra Colors
Exciting news at Hawk !
We are pleased to announce the following new additions to the Hawk team:

John Kenny - CEO
Mak Joshi - VP of Research & Development
Susan Nygborg- Director of Compliance & Safety .......................Read More



Professional bathtub refinishing, resurfacing and reglazing urethane and epoxy coatings and paint products, supplies, equipment and training.

Hawk Research Laboratories, LLC. is the leading supplier of bathtub, tile, countertop and kitchen cabinet refinishing paints and coatings. Our premium acrylic urethanes and adhesive coatings are used for residential, commercial and industrial painting applications worldwide. This site is primarily engaged in training, coatings products, supplies, equipment and accessories for the Bathroom and Kitchen Refinishing , and Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling Industry. To learn more about Imitation Stone finishes that are available for a variety of new projects as well as Pool and Spa coatings, please see our links below.

Hawk's comprehensive Refinishing catalog offers the entire range of acrylic urethanes, epoxy primers, coatings, supplies, equipment, replacement parts, and accessories needed to successfully build and operate a refinishing company. Time proven topcoat and primer epoxy systems, vast technical knowledge and superior customer assistance is at your fingertips. Sophisticated order processing and shipping systems speed your order to your door... over 90% shipped the same day!

Featuring Top Quality Refinishing Coatings and Paints
Bathtub Refinishing and Reglazing Coatings
bathtub refinishing coatings Bathtub Refinishing  and Reglazing  

We're proud to provide bathtub refinishing and reglazing solutions that can bring tubs back to life and make them look like new! This is a far more economical alternative to complete tub replacement, offering savings of as much as 70% to the customers you'll serve. If this is your first time learning about the tub refinishing and reglazing solutions that Hawk Research Laboratories, LLC. provides, please take plenty of time to explore our site.

    Ceramic Tile Refinishing and Reglazing Coatings
Ceramic Tile Refinishing urethanes Ceramic Tile Refinishing and Reglazing  

We're ready to provide you with all of the superior urethane and epoxy products, training and support you need to help transform the look and feel of ceramic tile in bathrooms and kitchens. Our ceramic tile refinishing and resurfacing paints have been carefully developed to ensure the highest quality possible. With helpful services like exact color matching and great refinishing treatment options like our Stone-Flecks multi-color coatings, the restoration possibilities are virtually limitless!

    Countertop Refinishing and Resurfacing Coatings
Countertop Reglazing products Countertops Refinishing  

It's interesting how a clean, attractive new finish on ordinary kitchen counters can dramatically improve the look and feel of the room. Without even touching the walls or replacing the appliances, a skilled countertop refinishing job can make your customers' kitchens seem larger, brighter, and more modern. Now more than ever you can expand your resurfacing services by offering Hawk's popular line of specialty coatings to create an imitation stone finish at a fraction of the cost of real stone.

    Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Coatings
Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Cabinet Refinishing and Resurfacing  

While many of the customers you're likely to attract using Hawk are related to bath tub refinishing and resurfacing industry, there's no reason your services have to stop at the bathroom door. Our products are also ideal for kitchen cabinet repairing and refinishing. While giving a new surface to a countertop add to your sales by refinishing cabinets with our Countercote 9500 coating.

    Bathtub Refinishing Training
Bathroom & Kitchen Refinishing Training Bathtub Refinishing Training  

A major element of being successful in the Bathtub Refinishing & Reglazing industry is making sure you're prepared with the right training. Hawk is proud to provide everything you need to learn to perform porcelain repair, bath tub repair, countertop refinishing, ceramic tile refinishing, bathtub resurfacing and bathtub reglazing, starting with entry level training for beginners to advanced techniques for experienced refinishers.

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