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watco presflo bathtub Drain and rotating stopper trim kit

Watco Presflo Drain and Rotating Tub Trim Kit is fast and easy to install and can add to your profits.

NuFit Presflo Tub Trim Kit
Watco presflo Bathtub Drain and Rotating Stopper Trim Kit

The Tub Trim Kit fits into existing strainer bodies 1.5" I.D. and larger. The stopper simply snaps into place. No threaded parts, levers or knobs are needed. To open and close the stopper all you do is press on any edge. The Trim Kit includes overflow plate, adapter bar to change from a two to a one hole plate, attachment screw, body with stopper, a suction cup to remove stopper and epoxy packet.

watco presflo drain and rotating stopper tub trim kit


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Watco Tub Trim Kit


While chrome is 90% of the market, other finishes are available. Ask your Hawk representative.

Watco Presflo Drain and Rotating Stopper Tub Trim Kit Features:

-Glues over existing drain

-Put a new finish on your old bathtub drain without removing the old strainer

-Installs in minutes

-Brass overflow plate

-Adapter bar, screw and suction cup


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