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bathtub and tile refinishing topcoat coatings

The best bathtub and tile refinishing topcoat coatings are two-component urethanes, which utilize a resin, catalyst, and reducer. Two-component urethanes offer increased cross-link density, which translates to superior impact, stain, and chemical resistance.

It's a great help when you can get all of your coating needs fulfilled by one trustworthy, responsible company. Hawk Research Laboratories is a manufacturer and supplier to bathtub and ceramic tile refinishing professionals worldwide. Our coatings are time tested and proven with over 30,000,000 applications worldwide, so you can trust the quality.

Our mission is to offer top quality coatings at the most competitive rates! We're ready to provide you with all of the superior coatings, products, training and support you need to help transform the look and feel of kitchens, bathrooms and entire homes throughout your area. Our bathtub and tile refinishing coatings have been carefully developed to ensure the highest quality final presentations possible.

In addition to providing top quality coatings, products and equipment you need to stay in business, we back up our orders with complete technical support and important services like color matching and effective refinishing training. And of course, it's our pleasure to keep you well stocked in all the finest bathtub refinishing products and supplies. Go ahead and browse through the Products section to see the full scope of what we can do to help you succeed!

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Refinishing Topcoat Coatings Block Topcoat Coatings


Glas-Tech 9200 4 Hour Cure Coating
The best 4-hour cure topcoat coating available on the market that is easier to apply than "mega-cure" type coatings and has a higher and more uniform gloss.


Green-Tech 9300 Acrylic Urethane Coating
Two-component acrylic urethane system used for bathtub, tile and countertop refinishing.


Glas-Tech 9100 24-Hour Acrylic Urethane Resin Coating
Hawk's No. 1 selling coating system. It's a two-component high gloss urethane developed for outstanding gloss and durability against abrasives, chemical and moisture attack. Its secret lies in the rich barrier layer that forms on top as it is applied, forming an impenetrable barrier of protection.


Glas-Tech 9000 Acrylic Urethane Coating
A two component, high solids, high performance acrylic urethane that works on bathtubs and ceramic.


Isofree Plus Isocyanate-Free Acrylic Resin Coating
If you are concerned about the long-term effects of isocyanates or are seeking a non-isocyanate coating to meet an application specification, then Isofree Plus Coating is the product of choice. High gloss, superior durability, and super fast dry to touch times are what this system delivers.

Stone-Gard Semi-Gloss Topcoat™ Coating
Hawk's Stone-Gard Semi-Gloss Topcoat ensures a long lasting protective finish on countertops.

Stone-Gard 24 Hour Topcoat™ Coating
Stone-Gard™ 24 Hour Topcoat allows you to have your customer up and running in as little as one day.


Click here to learn the history of Glas-Tech 9000 Family of Coatings

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