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watco nufit bathtub trip lever drain kit

Make your old tub tim hardware look like new again, in less than 5 minutes!

Watco slip and Lock Drain Kit

watco nufit Trip Lever Drain Kit

For changing Trip Lever Bath Waste Trim without removing the strainer body, order a Drain Trim Kit 39100 with strainer dome. The new strainer dome will cover the old flange and match the trim on the new Trip Lever face plat with its patented linkage. For use with existing drop cylinder.


  • SLIP LOCK device automatically sets drop cylinder
  • Designed for aheavy duty usi in hotels, motels, hospitals, and rental properties
  • Strainer body cover catches hair
  • Retainer plate for overflow

watco nufit bathtub trip lever drain kit


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Trip Lever Drain Kit


While chrome is 90% of the market, other finishes are available. Ask your Hawk representative.



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