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Blue Vue overflow gasket kits

New overflow in just minutes! Try our Blue Vue overflow gasket and you will not be disappointed.

blue vue overflow gasket kits

The Blue Vue Perfect Fit Gasket is an innovative new product specifically designed to work with old tubs, new tubs, and tub liners.

As tubs age, the gasket starts to dry rot and leak. The Perfect Fit Gasket makes sure the water goes directly into the overflow and eliminates leaking, without fail.


The FIRST and ONLY Perfect Fit Gasket guaranteed to work for a lifetime!


Blue Vue Overflow Gasket Chrome BVT-4DS-C

Face Plate Kit

Stock # BVT-3OFS-C

Zinc face plate x 1
1/4" x 2" SS screw x 1
Aluminum bracket w/bar x 1
Blue silicon gasket x 1

Overflow Gasket Without Ring BVT-2NBR
Overflow Gasket with out ring

Stock # BVT-2NBR



One hole overflow face plate, chrome

Gasket with the without aluminum ring

overflow Gasket wtih Ring BVT-2BR
Overflow Gasket with aluminum ring

Stock # BVT-2BR


Gasket with the aluminum ring

adobe PDF Letter from the President

Installation instructions

blue vue overflow gasket kits


Stock Number

Face Plate Kit
Overflow Gasket without Ring
Overflow Gasket with Ring







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