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Crator-Free™ is a anti-contaminant and fisheye eliminator.


This product is carefully designed to counter contamination problems in the product mixture, spray equipment, and surface being sprayed, such as oil; H2O, silicone, waxes, etc. Crator-Free also aids in the wetting capabilities of Glas-Tech 9000 Series topcoats.

Crator-Free is used when Kitchen and Bath refinishers are coating surfaces, that frequently have been exposed to silicone in several forms; silicone caulks, and silicone based penetrating sealers for grout lines and porous surfaces. These agents can cause havoc with the refinishing process. As newer penetrating silicone based sealers become stronger, their ability to hinder the refinishing process can become more prevalent.

Hawk Crator-Free has been reformulated to give refinishers the edge that they need to avoid fisheyes on these surfaces. It should be noted that Hawk Crator-Free is not a substitute for good preparation procedures, but microscopic and residual levels of silicone left on surfaces can be easily overcome using Hawk Crator-Free.

This is not an alternative to proper surface preparation.

crator-free fish eye eliminator


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