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bathtub & Tile refinishing primer systems

Use Hawk’s bathtub & tile refinishing primers to maximize adhesion between your topcoat and substrate. Hawk offers a variety of primers ideal for use with the various types of coating systems in use today.

Hawk Research Labs is a worldwide supplier for bathtub refinishing professionals, providing them with the best refinishing coatings. We offer a variety of products and supplies from masking tapes to cleaners to durable, long lasting topcoats & primers for those everyday refinishing needs. Our refinishing primers have been carefully developed to ensure the highest quality adhesion possible. Below you will find our top three primers are: Ultra-Grip 4000 High Build Epoxy, Stratum 3000 Low Build Epoxy, and Quick-Prep 2000 Bonding Agent.

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Ultra-Grip 4000™ High Build Epoxy Coating
Our most popular two-component epoxy primer, Ultra-Grip 4000 was originally developed as an underwater epoxy adhesive to protect North Sea oil platforms against corrosion, temperature extremes, and constant wave action. Specialized adhesives lock on the substrate and provide long-term protection.

Ultra-Grip 4000 has a proven track record of adhesion and works remarkably well on surfaces exposed to moisture such as bathtubs and wall tile. The high build feature acts as a natural leveler to help fill in uneven areas thus saving time on minor surface repairs prior to refinishing.







Stratum 3000™ Low Build Epoxy Coating
Stratum 3000 is a low build epoxy with excellent adhesion and moisture resistance. The low build feature makes it an economical choice on any type of surface where a quality epoxy primer is needed.

Stratum 3000 dries to the touch quickly, allowing for fast re-coat and topcoat application times.






Quick-Prep 2000™ Bonding Agent
Quick-Prep 2000 is a film forming wipe on bonding agent that replaces the need to acid etch porcelain or ceramic surfaces. It also acts as a primer, eliminating the spray on epoxy primer step of the refinishing process.


Call us today to find out more about our top quality primer systems 800.321-4295.

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