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We are excited to reveal our 3 new stunning colors "Muir Woods, Dover, Castlerock" from the Stone-Flecks Ultra Collection. Find the new colors here: Stone-Flecks Ultra Colors
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We are pleased to announce the following new additions to the Hawk team:

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fiberbond 5000 Pool Coating

Protect your pool or water attractions with Hawk's proven protective coating system.

Different swimming pools are painted with different coatings. Historically, these different coatings can be incompatible with each other, and attempts by other companies to sell an all-around pool paint have met with negative results.

Hawk Laboratories has combined an extensive knowledge database, along with an array of premium pool refinishing systems, and the most comprehensive application and technical directions available in the industry. All of these elements combine to bring an incredible business opportunity to our customers, enabling them to, once again, dominate their competition and increase profits!

Fiberbond 5000 Coatings and Paints
fiberbond 5000™ coating

The toughest, longest lasting epoxy coating in the industry, Hawk Fiberbond 5000 is a two-component, satin finish, extremely high build coating system that will give unmatched performance on the most difficult surfaces, including water slides, lazy-river style amusements, and wave pools, where only the best coatings will work. Ideally suited for fiberglass surfaces that need to stand up to abrasion and constant protection from U.V. light in demanding situations such as water slides.

Also available in Tranquility Blue, and Royal Blue.

fiberbond 5000 pool coatings



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1 Gallon
5 Gallon
1 Gallon
5 Gallon
1 Gallon
5 Gallon

Fiberbond 5000 White Resin Coating
Fiberbond 5000 White Resin Coating
Fiberbond 5000 Catalyst Coating
Fiberbond 5000 Catalyst Coating
Fiberbond 5000 Reducer Coating
Fiberbond 5000 Reducer Coating


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