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max-air II complete portable fume extraction exhaust unit

This portable fume extraction exhaust unit is specially designed for refinishing professionals.

max-air II fume exhauster

Max-Air II Portable Fume Extraction Exhaust Unit

Developed to meet the exacting requirements of Hawk Research Laboratories, the Max-Air II Portable Fume Extraction Exhaust Unit is a model of efficiency and durability. Specifically designed for the refinisher, this unit has it all!


The Max-Air II is inexpensive to own and operate. The solvent resistant 8” hoses are durable and the cost is as low as 70% as compared to other types in use. Hoses can be easily connected together for any desired length. With the Max-Air II Portable Exhauster, you and your technicians can enjoy a substantial savings on time and money.

#1 fume exhauster in the
Refinishing industry

max-air II Portable Fume exaust unit


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Max-Air II Portable Fume Extraction Exhaust Unit


max air II fume exaster

With the Max-Air II you provide the best protection against fumes for your customers but most importantly for the refinisher. In addition, the high volume of continued air movement improves application performance through quicker flash times, reducing runs, sags, and blushing in the finish.


The exhausting of spray, stripper, and etch fumes allows you to perform more efficiently. This is especially true when spraying topcoats. Efficient removal of fumes means better visibility, quicker flash and recoat times. Dust related problems are minimized due to a positive airflow away from the surface being sprayed.


The impact resistant, custom molded compact chassis provides a very streamlined and portable answer to your air control needs. And the built in easy carry handle makes carrying the lightweight Max-Air II a breeze.

Complete system comes with:

1- Motor, housing and intake adapter,

1- 25" Intake hose with quick release clamp

1- 25" Exhaust hose with quick release clamp

1- 8" Reinforced aluminum connector with quick release clamp


The Max-Air II’s powerful motor pulls a maximum 1000 CFM’s making it the most powerful portable fume exhauster of its kind on the market today. The unit has been fully tested and field proven for long term dependability.


Technical Data Guide for Max-Air IIClick here to download a Technical Data Guide for the Max-Air II Fume Exhauster


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