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the history of the glas-tech 9000 coating system

Originally introduced in the early 1970’s as a maritime coating, the Glas-Tech 9000 coating system developed a reputation as a super tough urethane topcoat that would withstand the harsh rigor’s of exposure to humidity, salt water, ultraviolet light, and constant abrasion.

Following up on that success, variations of the formula were used extensively in protecting jet aircraft exteriors from the temperature extremes airplanes experience and from the constant impacts from atmospheric particles hitting the finish at hundreds of miles an hour.

It was during the early 1980’s that the bathtub refinishing industry, seeking a reliable, high performance coating that would provide durability and long-term protection, discovered Glas-Tech 9000. Today, the Glas-Tech 9000 Family of Coatings is the most popular and widely used topcoat in the refinishing world and offers the most value for your refinishing dollar.

glas-tech 9000 comparison

The most critical difference between high and low performance coatings is the actual number of chemical bonds holding the molecules of the paint film together. The higher the cross-link density, the higher levels of overall film durability and coating life span.

Since Glas-Tech is a fully linked system, it delivers the most long-term value to your refinishing operation, as compared to low-link urethanes, polyesters, epoxies, or enamels available today.

Glas-tech 9000 chart

Different variations of the Glas-Tech 9000 Family of Coatings are used throughout the refinishing industry. There are versions in both a 24-hour cure and a 4-hour cure, depending on your application needs. Glas-Tech can also be purchased in either a high-gloss or a semi-gloss.


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