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HVLP turbine - hk-992 2 stage hvlp turbine refinishing paint sprayer

The best value refinishing HVLP paint spraying system available here at Hawk Research Labs, Inc.

If you are looking for an easy to use, long lasting HVLP Turbine System? Try our best value HVLP 2 Stage Paint Sprayer! This 2 Stage HVLP spraying system has combined power, quality, and price. HVLP 2 Stage Turbine will provide the beautiful smooth and long lasting finish you want.

HK-992 2 Stage HVLP Sprayer

There are several advantages of Hawk HVLP Sprayers over Graco or Wagner. The units are less expensive, and our spray gun parts and filter systems are interchangeable.


• Teflon®, solvent resistant packings and gaskets
• Chrome-plated die-cast gun for long and trouble-free life
• Fewer parts to wear out
• Short handle easy to add 45º elbow into gun

hk-992 2 stage hvlp refinishing paint sprayer

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• Up to 90% transfer efficiency
• Material savings up to 50%
• Reduced over spray
• Meets or exceeds EPA mandates
• True pressure readings taking at the gun—not the turbine
• Complete line of accessories

The HK-992 2 Stage HVLP Turbine features include:

• 5.7" 2 stage turbine; 52 CFM at
3/4" restriction; 104 CFM unrestricted.
Delivers 4.25 PSI at the gun.

• Main filter with a pre-filter (same
principal as the larger systems), giving
cooler operating temperatures and
longer turbine life.

• 25' air hose with shut off and
quick disconnect.

• HVLP bleeder style gun with one quart
cup assembly and cleaning kit.




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