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HVLP turbine - hk-993 3 stage hvlp refinishing paint sprayer system

Hawk's new and advanced HVLP Turbine. This spraying system is widely used for bathtub, tile, and countertop refinishing.

Are you looking for an easy to use, long lasting HVLP Paint Spraying System? Try Hawk's HVLP 3 Stage Turbine! Our 3 Stage HVLP spraying system is the most chosen HVLP paint sprayer among bathtub refinishing professionals worldwide. This HVLP 3 Stage Turbine will provide the results you want. When spraying bathtubs, cabinets or countertops this HVLP Spraying System will allow you to achieve the smooth fine finish you want. When compared to other paint sprayers, Hawk's 3 Stage HVLP Spraying System has the power, quality and design you want to produce a beautiful smooth and long lasting finish.

HK-993 3 Stage Turbine HVLP Sprayer

Hawk has combined power, quality, and price to bring you the new HK-993 3 Stage HVLP paint sprayer. This specialized 3-stage turbine delivers 25% more power than other units of its size and weight at a much lower cost. This extra power allows you to spray heavier viscosity coatings, including high solids coatings and Stone-Flecks Imitation Stone Finishes, where it has demonstrated an outstanding performance level.

Working hand in hand with a leading manufacturer in developing this exciting new breakthrough in turbine technology, the HK-993 Paint Sprayer System brings you the ultimate in power, portability and price.


hk-993-3 stage hvlp bathtub refinishing sprayer

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This compact unit has been developed with the lightweight portability (only 18 Lbs.) that is a must for the serious refinisher. The turbine delivers 61.5 CFM at 3/4" restriction and 6 PSI measured at the air cap using the standard 25 ft. hose.

Features of our HVLP Turbine HK-993:

New Advanced Design

Light Weight




Due to the quality of the motor and proven reliability of this equipment, the HK-993 3 Stage paint spraying system, with registration, comes with an unheard of 48-month warranty.


When compared to the list price of other competitive 3-stage turbines on the market, the HK-993 3 Stage Paint Sprayer System is a true bargain!




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