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Hawk has developed a complete primer/imitation stone/topcoat system to imitate the look and feel of real stone at a fraction of the cost of real stone.

Every homeowner gets excited at the prospect of introducing the look and feel of real stone in their home without having to pay a premium price. And with Hawk’s Imitation Stone Coating System, you can add this exciting new innovation to your refinishing service to meet this growing demand.

This breakthrough system creates the sophisticated, realistic look of stone and granite and can be sprayed on a wide range of surfaces such as countertops, tubs, ceramic tile, walls, and even furniture. Once you’ve included the Stone-Flecks/Stone-Gard coating system to your bath tub refinishing service, you will find that you’ve opened your business to a whole new range of prospective customers and have increased your revenues. It’s easy to apply and your customers will love the look!


Bathtub Refinishing Coatings Block imitation stone system :


Stone-Flecks™ Paint
Stone-Flecks GREEN LINE Paint is a low V.O.C. multi-component color system designed to mimic the look of stone. The GREEN LINE Media Kit has 24 exciting colors to offer your customers.

Stone-Flecks Ultra™ Green Line Imitation Stone Finishes
Redefined multi color coating that lays smoother.


Stone-Gard™ Topcoat Semi-Gloss
Stone-Gard is a two-component urethane that you apply over Stone-Flecks for the ultimate in protection. Designed to create a rock hard and durable finish.


Ultra-Grip 4000™ Epoxy Primer Paint
Ultra-Grip 4000 Epoxy Primer is an adhesive based primer that will permanently adhere to substrates and chemically bond with the Stone-Flecks formula for maximum coating system compatibility.


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