internal wrench

This Internal Wrench is a perfect tool for removing shoe drains from tubs.

Rigid Internal Wrench
Less failures

While it is not feasible to remove every drain shoe, statistics show that removing the drain shoe prior to refinishing reduces the chance of a coating failure, in the drain area, during the first 5 years by 60%

Reduce service calls

Reduce service calls from a bad seal around the drain. Having the ability to spray under the drain shoe will minimize any problems that could develop when the masking is removed or when the coating does not properly seal itself around the drain shoe.

Less Hassle

Avoid return trips to clean off any material from the drain.

internal wrench



Stock Number

Internal Wrench


Internal Wrench Features :

-Adjustable, super tough tool, removes small (sinks) to large (tubs) drain shoes.

-Reversible locking mechanism works on a wide variety of sizes.



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