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kitchen cabinet refinishing and resurfacing

Providing cabinet refinishing and resurfacing paint, coatings and supplies for the kitchen cabinetry refinishing professionals.

While many of the customers you're likely to attract with the capabilities you can gain from Hawk Research Laboratories, Inc. are related to bath tub refinishing and restoration, there's no reason your services have to stop at the bathroom door. Our products are also ideal for kitchen cabinet refinishing, ceramic tile refinishing and a wide range of other household repairs. Expanding your scope of services is a powerful and effective way to boost your profits and expand your customer base.

From the complete restoration of kitchen cabinets to professional countertop refinishing and beyond, you can do it all using only the formulas and supplies listed here on hawklabs.com. If you're considering cabinet resurfacing training with our expert instructors, we'll be happy to show you all that these products can do in order to maximize your service potential.

It takes a lot of expertise and hard work to be the leading provider of kitchen cabinet refinishing in your area, but with the professional refinishing assistance and coatings of Hawk Research Laboratories, Inc., you can accomplish it with confidence. That's because we're committed to teaching, supplying and supporting our customers with the very best resources for refinishing kitchen cabinets in the entire restoration industry. Our kitchen cabinet refinishing company has unparalleled experience in this area, and we're excited about sharing our innovation with you.

Hawk Research is committed to investing all resources necessary into each of our kitchen cabinet refinishing paints and coatings to ensure that you're successful in your marketplace. We're continually working to develop the most effective and cutting edge cabinet resurfacing coatings possible.

Absolutely everything you need to conduct professional kitchen cabinet resurfacing is listed here on hawklabs.com, but if you're looking for something specific that you don't see here, just call our offices at 800-321-4295 and ask our experts.

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block Premium quality kitchen cabinet refinishing and reglazing paints and coatings:

Countercote 9500- Kitchen cabinet refinishing topcoat coating / paint

Isofree Plus Semi-Gloss Isocyanate free acrylic urethane high-gloss topcoat paint for cabinet refinishing.

Ultra-Grip 4000 Adhesive Primer for Cabinet refinishing


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