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We are excited to reveal our 3 new stunning colors "Muir Woods, Dover, Castlerock" from the Stone-Flecks Ultra Collection. Find the new colors here: Stone-Flecks Ultra Colors
Exciting news at Hawk !
We are pleased to announce the following new additions to the Hawk team:

John Kenny - CEO
Mak Joshi - VP of Research & Development
Susan Nygborg- Director of Compliance & Safety .......................Read More



marketing and sales tools

Refinishing brochures to better educate your customers and produce more sales.

As a leader in the Kitchen & Bath Refinishing Industry, Hawk recognizes both the need to offer the most tested and time proven refinishing coatings, and to provide users of our products with the best marketing and sales tools in the industry.

We believe that high quality images, combined with comprehensive and detailed information about your refinishing service is critical to meet the challenges in today’s competitive refinishing market. Hawk’s brochures will give you that edge and help close the sale!

*All images are property of Hawk Research Labs, Inc. and cannot be copied, modified or reproduced without a written consent from Hawk Research Laboratories.

kitchen cabinet refinishing brochure

Refinishing Brochure

Illustrates complete kitchen refinishing. Refinishing both the counter and the cabinets provides you with the highest profit margins.

This brochure highlights the advantage of refinishing not only a tub but the tile as well, bringing you more business in the same location! The back page brings into play the larger commercial projects more commonly seen today.

Bathtub repair brochure

care and maintenace for Glas-Tech 9000

Geared to larger commercial projects, there’s money to be made in chip repairs. Especially when some may turn out to need complete refinishing! Expanding into repairs brings you repeat work and keeps you in position for those rehabs.

Hawk’s Care & Maintenance Sheet is used to give to your customers after the refinishing work is completed. It generically covers both short term (during the immediate curing cycle) and long term care (how to get the most long term service out of the finish) information your customers need to know. It also serves as an expressed limited warrantee, the length of which is decided by you. Both the customer and the refinisher each sign and date.



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