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Micro-gloss liquid polish abrasive

Micro-Gloss™ Liquid Polish Abrasive is formulated to remove minor scratches from plastic and painted surfaces.

Mico-Gloss Liquid polish
Micro-Gloss Liquid Polish Abrasive

is a super polish especially formulated to remove superficial scratches and other light surface damages, not hide them.

Acrylic surfaces require regular maintenance to retain optical clarity and beauty. Micro-Gloss is unmatched as a regular maintenance polish.

Containing no scratch-hiding silicones or waxes, Micro-Gloss removes fine transparent scratches and haze before they turn into surface crazing.

Micro-gloss liquid polish abrasive


Stock Number

8 oz.


Micro-Gloss Liquid Polish:

Removes hairline scratches

Produces a high-gloss surface

Removes haziness and halos


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