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We are excited to reveal our 3 new stunning colors "Muir Woods, Dover, Castlerock" from the Stone-Flecks Ultra Collection. Find the new colors here: Stone-Flecks Ultra Colors
Exciting news at Hawk !
We are pleased to announce the following new additions to the Hawk team:

John Kenny - CEO
Mak Joshi - VP of Research & Development
Susan Nygborg- Director of Compliance & Safety .......................Read More



product literature

Our Product Brochures.

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Glas-Tech 9000


Glas-tech 9200 4HR Cure

Glas-Tech 9000™ Combines the distinct advantages of acrylics with the superior performance of an aliphatic-based ASTM TYPE 5 urethane coating system, producing a super tough film for extended coating life-spans.


Glas-Tech 9100™ Resin is a very high solids, fully cross-linked aliphatic Acrylic Urethane Two-Component System. High solids and high cross-linking are the keys to a coatings durability, performance and longevity.

Glas-Tech 9200 4 Hour


Isofree plus brochure

If you are currently using a “mega-cure” 4-hour dry topcoat and you are not satisfied with dry times, ease of application, or uniformity of gloss, then you should try Hawk’s Glas-Tech 9200 4-Hour Cure resin.

Isofree Plus™ is a isocyanate-free acrylic urethane coating system that is formulated to endure high moisture-laden environments for extended periods of time.

Stone-Flecks Green Line



Stone-Flecks™ Green Line Imitation Stone Finishes is used for countertop refinishing.


Stone-Gard™ is a two-component satin finish topcoat designed to mimic the look, impact resistance, and durability of a real stone surface.

Micro clean refinishing brochure

Spraygun refinishing brochure

Micro-Clean™ Two Step Surface Prep is an industrial strength surface preparation system that produces consistent and precise cleaning of porcelain, ceramic, and fiberglass surfaces providing maximum primer adhesion to the substrate being refinished. Eliminates the need to acid etch and prime when using
Quick-Prep 2000™.

Spraygun Magic™ Gun and Parts Cleaner is specially formulated for removing high performance polyurethane and epoxy coatings from professional spray equipment used in the bathroom & kitchen refinishing industry.

max air II fume exhauster

stone-flecks fast dry additive

The Max-Air II™ Exhauster provides 1000 C.F.M. to remove spray fumes and improve the quality of your work.

Hawk's Fast Dry Additive is added to Stone-Flecks prior to application and works by forcing moisture out of Stone-Flecks after it's applied, allowing you to topcoat in as little as 15 minutes.

isofree plus stone-gard Stone-Flecks application guide

Isofree Plus Stone-gard is a two-component isocyanate free topcoat designed to mimic the look, impact resistance, and durability of a real stone-surface.

Stone-Flecks™ Application Guide. Step-by-step instructions to successfully apply the system.

Ram-Air portable fume exhauster Green-Tech-9300-4-Hour

Hawk latest offer in High Volume Exhausting, the
powerful Ram Air. The Ram-Air is a 12 inch turbofan exhauster.

Green-Tech 9300 employs the same two-component Glas-Tech 9000 acrylic urethane technology that has been so popular and that has played such a dominant role in the bathtub, tile, & countertop refinishing industry since 1985.

Bio-Zapp Paint Odor Eliminator  

Bio-Zapp is a proven patented paint additive that greatly reduces solvent odors associated with the refinishing process.



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