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quick-prep 2000 bonding agent

Quick-Prep™ 2000 is a film-forming wipe on agent for porcelain and ceramic surfaces.

quick prep

Wipe on primers are an alternative method of priming for the traditional acid etch/primer/topcoat system. Wipe on bonging agents, also known as adhesion promoters, can vary greatly in their composition and adhesion capabilities. The most successful bonding primers, like Quick-Prep 2000, utilize silane technology.

With Quick-Prep 2000, you eliminate the etching stage of the refinishing process, saving you time and money. Clean the surface with Hawk's Micro-Clean Step I and Step II Cleaner and Neutralizer and simply wipe Quick-Prep 2000 evenly on the surface. It dries quickly and topcoat can be applied within minutes.


quick-prep 2000 bonding agent


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1 Pint


1 Pre-Pak


*Bulk Pricing Available


The main difference between the etch, primer, and topcoat system, versus the wipe-on primer, is the limitation in its use. Silane based adhesions promoters are restricted to the bonding of a traditional two-component urethane topcoat to a porcelain, ceramic, or china substrate.

Exhaustive tests were performed at Hawk over the merits of the etch, primer, topcoat system compared to the wipe-on topcoat system, and all of our results have shown the etch, primer, topcoat system to be superior, particularly when moisture is introduced. However, that’s not to say that wipe-on primers
do not have a place in your refinishing operation. Given very careful preparation techniques, wipe-on primers can yield very good results.


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