quick set 5 white epoxy filler

Quick Set 5™ White Epoxy Filler ideal for fast repairs on variety of surfaces.

Quick-Set 5 White Epoxy Filler
Hawk’s Quick Set 5 Epoxy Filler

is ideal for fast, 5 minute structural repairs on a wide variety of substrates. It has a 5 minute set-up time, and is easily sandable for up to 60 minutes, then it forms a rock-hard patch that is fully compatible with all of Hawk Labs’ primers and topcoats. Its white resin and clear catalyst combine to form a white mixture that is easy to cover. It is completely waterproof when dry, and has outstanding adhesion.

5 Minute Repairs On:

-Cracks and holes in cast iron tubs
-Rusted drains on pressed steel tub


quick set 5 white epoxy filler



Stock Number

(1) 8 oz. Kit

Quick Set 5



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