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kitchen cabinet refinishing coatings

Cabinet refinishing coatings / paints and primers for all of your kitchen cabinet refinishing needs.

Kitchen cabinet refinishing has just got easier than ever with Hawk's kitchen cabinet refinishing paints and coatings. Restoring kitchen cabinets is about much more than just adding years of life and service to your customers' cabinets. It's also about using your cabinet refinishing expertise to create a beautiful, eye catching final finish that complements the entire home. When you purchase your equipment and supplies from Hawk Research Laboratories, Inc., you're already well on your way to achieving just that. Our kitchen cabinet refinishing products are of the absolute highest quality, and we provide all the resources and cabinet refinishing training you need to get the perfect look.

In addition to the extraordinary formulas that we supply to keep all of your restoration operations running at peak efficiency, Hawk Research Laboratories, Inc. specializes in the most durable and high performance equipment for each task. Please take a few minutes to browse our site and if you have any questions about kitchen cabinet refinishing please give us a call at 800-321-4295.


Refinishing Preparation Chemicals Block kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Coatings / Paints:

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Cabinet Cote 9700 Coating
Designed to be applied over cabinets, Cabinet Cote 9700 is a low gloss matte finish coating.

Countercote 9500 Topcoat Resin
Countercote 9500 is the premier choice for both countertop & kitchen cabinet refinishing. Countercote 9500 is a two-component urethane with a semi-gloss look and feel. Use wherever a durable high performance coating is recommended.


Isofree Plus Semi-Gloss
Iso-Free Plus is a two component non-isocyanate acrylic resin system in a semi-gloss and a popular choice for refinishers seeking to use a non-isocyanate type system, without sacrificing performance and durability.

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Ultra-Grip 4000 Adhesive Epoxy Primer
Ultra-Grip 4000 Epoxy Primer is a two-component high build adhesive epoxy primer that permanently bonds to wood, laminate, porcelain, and ceramic surfaces.


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