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refinishing RESPIRATORY safety equipment

Refinishing respiratory safety equipment for all of your safety needs including supplied air systems, full and half face respirators, cartridges, filters, protective clothing, and gloves.

Disposable, reusable respirators and supplied air systems

Respirators protect the user against hostile environments, harmful dusts, fogs, smokes, mists, gases, vapors, and sprays. We offer a wide range of respiration options from simple particulate masks, disposable, reusable respirators to supplied air systems.

Hawk takes your safety seriously and each piece of our protective equipment was selected for superior performance, quality, and price. You are protected at every level of the refinishing process with the proper air movement, type of cartridge or filter, and right size gear to meet your physical needs.

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Our Fresh-Air Respirator System offers the ultimate in personal care & protection against solvents, particulate matter, and chemicals a refinisher may come into contact with. Hawk's Fresh-Air System allows you to safely work in the spray painting environment by providing you with a clean fresh source of air without the hassle of keeping track of when to change cartridges and filters..



Fresh Air System Respirator





Sprayguns Arrow



Hawk offers both full & half face respirators. The cartridges and filters are manufactured to meet safety guidelines for protection against solvents and chemicals found in refinishing coatings and related products.



Full Face Mask



Half Face Mask



3M Mask


Safet Spray Suits Arrow

Spray Suits


Hawk’s Safety Spray Suits provide full body protection against solvents and particulate matter. The suits are lint free to dramatically reduce dust particles in the finish.



Refinishing Spray Suits


Safet Gloves  Arrow

Gloves & Kneepads


Disposable, impact, and specialty gloves

Protection of your hands and knees is an important part of being safe. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, injuries to the hand, wrist, and finger is the second-highest number of workplace injuries. Our hand safety products include disposable, reusable, latex, neoprene specialty gloves to protect your hands in refinishing tasks.


Heavy Duty Neoprene Gloves - 1 Pair

Medium Duty Gloves - Come in 3 different sizes

Disposable Gloves - Box of 100

Ansell White Barrier Gloves

Scorpio Green Neoprene Gloves

Knee Pads







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