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stand-fast additive

Stand Fast™ can be used with Hawk’s Non-Slip Stencils or just added to the coating to produce a non-slip feature for bathtubs or anywhere an anti-slip surface is desired.

Stand-Fast Additive
Stand-Fast Additive

Hawk’s non-skid additive is a time-tested proven system that allows you to apply a no slip surface during the refinishing process.

The secret lies in the formula. Since polymers form the back bone of a coating (often called a resin), it makes sense to use a polymer “bead” as a non-slip additive. This polymer formula, chemically designed to use with Hawk's coatings and primers, offers 100% compatibility between coating and additive. The non-slip particles become an integral part of the cured coating.

stand-fast additive



Stock Number

1-32 oz. Non-Skid Additive-Fine




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