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stratum 3000 low build epoxy primer coating

Stratum 3000™ Epoxy Primer Coating provides a long term finish and gives your company an edge in both customer satisfaction and extended guarantees.

stratum 3000 Coating  for bathtub refinishing
Stratum 3000 epoxy primer coating

Stratum 3000 epoxy primer coating is a two component, amine cured epoxy system. This low build primer is easy to apply and quickly flashes off, which creates less waiting time before applying the topcoat.

Stratum 3000 epoxy primer coating gives you several advantages over other epoxy primers. It is an adhesive based epoxy, and is very low build. It also dries quick and smooth and with minimum dust attraction. This system was the first primer to be truly developed and tested to specifically adhere to porcelain and ceramic surfaces.


Topcoat application problems, such as runs and sags, are reduced when using Stratum 3000 as an undercoat. The primed surface when dry (as little as 10 minutes) will accept and bond with the topcoat. This bonding helps keep the topcoat in place, as it is applied, producing less application errors.


Stratum 3000 Epoxy Primer Coating has a special additive in its formula to help eliminate the problem of pin holing that is common in older, acid eaten bathtubs. On these surfaces, the pinholes produced by the “tornado-like” effect of the acid, make normal spraying difficult to achieve. This additive, PS190, allows the adhesive primer to “slip inside” and fill in the pinhole. PS190 consequently reduces the time that is usually spent on filling in by hand with filling compounds.

stratum 3000 epoxy primer coating




Stock Number

32 oz.

3000 Resin Coating


32 oz.

3000 Catalyst Coating


32 oz.

3000 Reducer Coating


1 Gallon

3000 Resin Coating


1 Gallon

3000 Catalyst Coating


1 Gallon

3000 Reducer Coating


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