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We are excited to reveal our 18th stunning color "River Rock" from the Stone-Flecks Ultra Collection. Find the new color here: Stone-Flecks Ultra Colors
Exciting news at Hawk !
We are pleased to announce the following new additions to the Hawk team:

John Kenny - CEO
Mak Joshi - VP of Research & Development
Susan Nygborg- Director of Compliance & Safety .......................Read More



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Superior Technical Support

With over 140 years of combined experience in the coatings and refinishing industry, Hawk Labs is the #1 choice among professional refinishers for both technical and analytical support. We know that comprehensive product support is the key to understanding, learning, and mastering different applications and processes. With Hawk you have the power of a professionally equipped laboratory and highly experienced staff to support your operation.

Complete Laboratory Analysis

Hawk employs the most sophisticated equipment for coating specification compliance and coating failure analysis. For instance, our lab can scientifically verify mil thickness of the primer or topcoat, analyze surface preparation, verify proper or improper surface preparation/primer/topcoat applications, or determine if a failure was the lack of customer care.

Vast Industry Knowledge

With over 30 years serving the bathtub & kitchen refinishing industry, Hawk’s vast knowledge and industry experience is there to meet your needs. Our technical staff consists of expert applicators and coating specialists that are always on duty to answer your questions or solve any technical problems you may be experiencing.

Quality Control

At Hawk, every batch of product undergoes a series of quality control checks to ensure product specification is met so that once shipped, every application is consistent and trouble free. Colors are matched from batch to batch to ensure color uniformity. You can trust and depend on Hawk as the most reliable source of refinishing coatings.


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