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ultra-grip 4000 color matched epoxy primer

Ultra-Grip 4000™ Epoxy Primer is now pre-matched and color coordinated with the available line of Stone-Flecks colors.

Ultragrip 4000 Adhesive Primer Cating / Paint for Countertop refinishing
Ultra-Grip 4000

Ultra-Grip 4000 is now color coordinated with the available line of Stone-Flecks colors to make the countertop refinishing process simpler. Applying pre-colored primer means less Stone-Flecks product needed for each job, saving you both time and money.

When ordering your Stone-Flecks colors and epoxy primers simply mention that you would like to have Ultra-Grip 4000 Epoxy Primer matched to the corresponding Stone-Flecks. There is no extra charge for this service.





ultra-grip color matched epoxy primer



Stock Number

1 Gallon

Ultra-Grip 4000


*Bulk Pricing Available




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