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ZIPwall 4 pole Barrier wall tent system

With ZipWall spring-loaded poles you can create a dust barrier in minutes with no tape, no ladders, and no damage.

zipwall Zippoll 4 Pole wall tent - dust barrier system
zipwall Tent Kit Wall Systems

The ZipWall Barrier System was invented to provide a quick and easy way to set up a dust barrier. Contractors across all industries have given our products an enthusiastic thumbs-up.

These unique Wall Tent Systems are perfect for constructing a sturdy, temporary wall or tent in a matter of minutes. The jacks lock the barrier material (plastic) firmly along the ceiling and floor for superior dust and over spray control while the padded tips protect ceiling surfaces. It adds a professional touch to the job site. You’ll find ZipWall products on the job in commercial and residential remodeling settings, as well as in flood restoration, mold remediation, and many other applications.

The 10’ aluminum 4 pole is our most popular pole for commercial and residential refinishing contractors. This product is strong, lightweight, compact, and cost-effective. ZipWall poles let contractors set up a barrier fast. They eliminate the need for tape, ladders or staples, so there is no damage to finished surfaces when installing a temporary dust barrier. It offers all the patented features contractors expect from ZipWall.

The height ranges from 4’ 2” to 10’ 3’. It is constructed of durable aluminum tubing. The head assembly is made of durable polycarbonate with non-skid plastic on the top plate of the pole. This helps to secure the barrier at the ceiling. Our non-skid GripDisk™ anchors the pole at the floor. The head can also be removed and replaced with the Foam Rail™ cross bar to create a dust tight seal at the ceiling. The head accepts plastic or cloth sheeting up to 8 mils thick. product will work with our Foam Rail and Side Pack accessories, as well as our Standard and Heavy Duty Zippers.

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